Theory E


Theory E

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Theory E

The Theory of Everything

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247 News – “Dr. Sol Adoni explains the Theory of Everything”

1 eBooks – “The Great Genius Dr. Adoni Destroys Big Bang Theory”

1 News – “Einstein’s Formula Exposed as Infinity Loop”

Universitius Press -“Hawking Black Hole Theory Wrong”



The Theory of Everything


New Theory of Anti-Electro-Magnetic Force

Anti-Electro-Magnetic Field Space Drive

Mass is not the Key to Gravity

Proof of Spiral Orbits

Theory E explains 69 Degree Tilt of Solar Plane

New Black Hole Theory

New Theory of Star Density in Galaxies

Big Bang is just Wrong

Infinity Loop found in E=MC^2

Mass of Moon proves Newton and Einstein Wrong

New Theory of Energy

The Theory of Electrical Charge Force

The Theory of Electro-Magnetic Wave EMW


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Theory E Book
Theory E Book


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