Big Bang Theory Wrong



The Big Bang Theory shows the universe is now approximately 13 or 14 billion years old. Yet we can observe over 200 billion galaxies each with at least a hundred billion stars in them.

That means over 200 billion stars had to form and collapse and then form a black hole to get to the amount of 200 billion galaxies at this point in time. The reason is we now believe black holes exist at the center of each galaxy. The fact is also that we do not believe the collapse of most stars form a black hole.

There is no mathematical model that can scale from 0 to 200 billion black holes in only 13 or 14 billion years. It is just mathematically improbable.

Theory E suggests a very old Universe in the hundreds of billions of years in age if not trillions of years old.

Common problems scientist point out with Big Bang Theory:

300k years no atoms.

Inflation with variable speeds of light and no laws to explain it.

Flat shape of universe not the shape of a dispersion from a bang.

No communication between edges of universe yet temperature constant.

Clumpy matter accumulations throuhout Universe.

What created the condensed singularity that contained every photon in future.

No laws of physics for 300k years.