Black Hole Theory



Current theory about black holes is that they basically annihilate matter but don’t completely destroy it so it’s more like a container that is holding very large amounts of matter or energy inside of it.

Now the false misconception about black holes is that nothing can escape from them. Well black holes are known to emit bursts of energy Plazma Bursts.  Some black holes are thought to have protons basically either merge from them or bounce off of them. Once you understand the structure of atoms in this universe, we understand that the largest bodies are suns a collection of hydrogen atoms. The exception to being the largest body is a collection of suns that can have one hundred billion to perhaps a hundred trillion suns that make up a Galaxy.

The constant in all matter especially hydrogen atoms that form suns is that it is held together through a bond between protons and electrons this bond is called an electromagnetic field.

I propose that black holes are not canisters that hold matter or portals to different dimensions, but a type of field that instantly unbonds atoms to where they seem to just disappear. Well the elements of the sun are not disappearing they’re just being separated so the energy that we see from the Sun becomes dark because it is no longer admitting energy from fusion of hydrogen atoms. The suns approaching the field of force strong enough to unbond atoms have been dematerialized from hydrogen atoms into it’s raw elements of protons and electrons. I propose the force that does this is an anti-electro-magnetic field that was created when the black hole was formed.

Black holes may change some or all of the electrons into plasma that has been seen pulsing from black holes. Protons have been observed bouncing away from black holes, so it could be all black holes act in this way as a type of giant recycling mechanism converting atomic structure back into raw elements that can become new matter.

My theory of Black Hole Force Field Theory means that energy and matter are both preserved obeying the conservation theories of energy and matter.

Black Holes are now a very simple logical part of a closed system universe that obeys normal laws of the Universe and this field follows accepted laws such as attraction which is why galaxies form. The basic structure of suns are hydrogen atoms made up of protons and electro-magnetic field electrons that bond protons into hydrogen atoms. So this electro-magnetic field is naturally attracted to it’s opposite a giant anti-electromagnetic field. When the electrons keeping a sun together get within the black hole’s anti-electromagnetic field strong enough to undo bonds of atoms, the newly released protons bounce away or are repelled which is an observed phenomena already known to happen which should happen in all black hole fields.