The Creator Formula

Circumference Ratio Earth Aligned To Orbital Ratios



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First theorized in 1995 by SOLLOG aka Dr. Sol Adoni.

The work shows how 2 religious symbols in all the major world religions are a simple hidden formula that creates the average circumference of the earth 24,881 miles. (average between the solar and equator circumferences).

The two symbols are the cube and period of 100 years.

The formula is

36,525 (Days in 100 years)

X .6812 (Dimensions Cube)


24,881 Miles Avg Circ. Earth

The work by SOLLOG elaborates on how the number 100 years was connected in creation myths to measure the earth.

The cube was often a symbol of creation and it’s dimensions (6 8 12) is the fraction value of the days in 100 years (36,525) that does equal 24,881 or the average circumference of the earth using miles.

Many believe it is a mathematical PROOF of God since the theory connects symbols in every religion to the formula. Uniting the world’s great religions to a scientific formula.

Skeptics and atheists dismiss all the connections by noting it only works in miles and not kilometers. SOLLOG counters with his vast knowledge of history and how the mile became a unit of measure from systems claiming a divine origin.

Here is the famous SOLLOG  theory in a video explaining the formula.