Dr. Sol Adoni

aka Sollog

Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni also known as Dr. Sol Adoni and Sollog was born  John Patrick Ennis July 14th 1960 in New Jersey United States. He is also known as Rex Luciferius for his music.

Dr. Adoni is an author, mathematician, philosopher, scientist, mystic, psychic, musician, artist, businessman and founder of two religious belief systems.


Dr. Adoni is credited with many major mathematical and scientific discoveries including:

Math Discoveries

8 Prime Spirals1)https://paideias.com/8-prime-spirals/

Prime Algorithm2)https://paideias.com/prime-number-algorithm/3)https://primealgorithm.com

30 Mod Prime Algorithm4)https://paideias.com/30-mod-prime-algorithm/

60 Mod Prime Algorithm5)https://paideias.com/60-mod-prime-algorithm/

90 Mod Prime Algorithm6)https://paideias.com/90-mod-prime-algorithm/

Twin Prime Algorithm7)https://paideias.com/twin-prime-algorithm/

Exponent Algorithm8)https://paideias.com/exponent-algorithm/

Fibonacci Algorithm9)https://paideias.com/fibonacci-algorithm/

Super Prime Number Algorithm10)https://paideias.com/super-prime-number-algorithm/

Sollog-Mersenne Prime Algorithm11)https://paideias.com/sollog-mersenne-algorithm/

Physics Disoveries

Theory E – Theory of Everything a large scale model of the physical observable universe.

Compression Universe Theory – Why the Universe is Flat

EOE Theory – Elliptical Orbit Effect on Plate Tectonics and why basic life is abundant in the Universe.

E=MC^2 Infinity Loop Proof – a mathematical proof showing an Infinity Loop in Einstein’s Theory.

CREATOR Formula 12)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/creator-formula/

PDF 13)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/pdf/Planetary Distance Formula

Planeium 14)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/planeium/

Rod Theory 15)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/planeium/ – Anti Matter 16)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/planeium/

Anti Matter 17)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/planeium/

Hologram Universe 18)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/hologram-universe/

Hologramism 19)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/religion/hologramism/

Computer Science

Dr. Adoni’s book Holographic Universes20)https://holographicuniverses.com puts forth his theory that the Universe is a six or ten dimensional computer.

Dr. Adoni also put forth his HelixQ Computer Programming Language that will run on 90 Bit/Byte future computers that Sollog says will create ten dimensional virtual space and many universes.

The Dr. Adoni book Holographic Universes21)https://holographicuniverses.com is the basis of the modern age religious and scientific belief system known as Hologramism22)https://hologramism.com23)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/religion/hologramism/.


Dr. Adoni is a prolific with over 100 titles to his credit. Some of his titles include:

Holographic Universes24)https://holographicuniverses.com

Prime Algorithm25)https://primealgorithm.com

The Creator Formula 26)https://creatorformula.com

The Proof of God27)https://theproofofgod.net

Origin of God28)https://originofgod.com

Major Writings of Sollog29)https://www.sollog.com/books/major

Prophecies of Sollog30)https://www.sollog.com/books/prophecies2013

Sollog Books31)https://www.sollog.com/books/

Dr. Sol Adoni Books

Sollog Prophecies

Sollog is a well known mystic or psychic of the 20th and 21st centuries. His writings known as Prophecies of Sollog are part of Internet Legend. Since 1995 the prophetic writings of Sollog have been distributed via Usenet and through a myriad of websites and also books. Sollog is often referred to by his fans and the media as The New Nostradamus.

Sollog’s Prophecies are considered by many to have given exact details of future historic events since 1995 that included.

Oklhoma City Bombing32)https://www.1underground.com/Features/features0010ok.shtml

TWA 800 Disaster33)https://www.1underground.com/Features/features0001.shtml

911 Tragedy34)https://247news.net/2001/20010911-wtcwarning.shtml

2004 Tsunami35)https://www.247news.net/2004/20041226-quake.shtml

2011 Tsunami and Fukushima Disaster

Death of Princess Diana37)https://www.1underground.com/Features/features105dianadocument.shtml

Death of JFK Jr.38)https://www.1underground.com/Features/features257jfk.shtml

2008 Global Financial Crisis39)https://www.247news.net/2008/20081012-stocks.html

Hurricane Katrina40)https://www.247news.net/2005/20050902-katrina.shtml

Hurricane Sandy


The infamous LINE OF SOLLOG has resulted in almost every mass death event in the history of the United States since the Assassanation of JFK occurring on one of five lines on a map of North America that creates the so-called PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD41)https://pentagramofblood.com that is directly related to the Prophecis of Sollog.

Religious Movements

Sollog founded TOH – Temple Of ‘Hayah42)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/religion/toh-temple-of-hayah/ in 1995, a Hebrew Religious movement.

Sollog also founded Hologramism43)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/religion/hologramism/ in 2014, based upon his book Hologram Universe.

Astral Crystals

Sollog’s book Astral Crystals44)https://www.AstralCrystals.com45)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/paranormal/astral-crystals/ describes the Astral Plane46)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/paranormal/astral-plane/ and Astral Energy47)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/paranormal/astral-energy/ as well as Astral Meditation techniques to allow humans to Astral Travel48)https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/paranormal/astral-travel/.


Sollog’s business career started in the mid 1970’s when he formed his first software company.

Adoni Publishing49)https://paideias.com/adoni-publishing/ is the master company formed by Sollog to publish not only his massive catalog of books, but it also publishes thousands of major classics and numerous modern authors.

Adoni Publishing50)https://paideias.com/adoni-publishing/ has many divisions including software51)www.AdoniSoftware.com, internet52)www.AdoniNet.com, films53)www.AdoniFilms.com and music54)www.AdoniMusic.com.

Major Media Cites

Over the decades Sollog has been mentioned in a plethora of major media articles that are usually skeptical and not well researched since main stream media is closed-minded to paranormal claims.

247 News Sollog Articles55)https://247news.net/sollog.shtml

1 Underground Sollog Articles56)https://1underground.com/sollog.shtml

Washington Post Diana Article

City Paper Article on 902 Prophecy warning of 911 (1997)

Der Spiegel Sollog Articles about 911

Guardian Sollog Article

NY Times Sollog related 911 Article


While there are a myriad of fringe skeptical articles about Sollog, none can dispute that his prophecies use time-stamped postings in Usenet and his prophecies have been so accurate Sollog has been one of the most researched persons in the history of the FBI and other government agencies.

Sollog has endured actual arrest by the US Government over his prophetic prophecies that a judge ruled were protected religious writings.

In 1995 Sollog was arrested by the US Secret Service for a prophecy that warned Bill Clinton to never go back to Jackson Hole Wyoming or a plane crash would occur involving the Presidents plane. The case was withdrawn after a Federal Judge interviewed Sollog and the judge was given exact details of near events that then occured as he warned.

In 1996 Bill Clinton traveled back to Jackson Hole Wyoming and the Presidential Support plane crashed killing numerous people on-board including US Secret Service agents.

No one can deny the mathematical and scientific genius of Sollog since his 1995 Prime Algorithm work included 30 Mod prime number theory that was tested in 2012 by PyPrimes and was found to the fastest prime number generator out performing every major prime algorithm tested including modern wheel factorization and even the ancient Sieve of Eratosthenes57)https://paideias.com/sieve-eratosthenes/.


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