Flat Universe Compression Theory


The Universe is flat due to compression from one of two reasons, either the compression of dark matter and energy or possibly from dynamic spin from something as simple as the charge of electrons in matter, these are my two theories about why this Universe now appears to be flattened and not spherical as Einstein theorized. This Flat Universe is not due to modern Inflation theory that creates the nonsense of infinite universes that would create a huge need of energy for each universe to survive. It would just be a waste of energy. While this universe may be a so-called simulation as my Computer Universe Theory suggests which is also now considered Holographic Universe Theory, so there could be many universe, but the Infinite Universe conclusion of the bad math of Inflation Theory makes no sense. There’s no reason to have infinite universes and the energy would be a colossal waste. 

The Infinite Universes Loop created by Inflation Theory is an accepted PROBLEM in modern physics and I resolve that problem by saying it is WRONG and putting forth two much simpler theories and the Universe does love simplicity just look at the most abundant matter in this Universe Hydrogen, it is 1 Proton and 1 Electron, does that type of beautiful simplicity suggest the asinine solution of infinite Universes? Hell no.

Either compression from Dark Matter and Energy forcing a growth restraint on this universe in a flat plane or possibly dynamic spin from electrons is the simple reason this Universe is flat.  We can just throw Inflation Theory out the window. Besides you would need a set of transmission gears on the early Universe to be changing all the time to accommodate all the speed of light variables. When I want to laugh I read Inflation Theory, it is almost as funny as most religious scriptures.

The Universe has always been dynamic and not static so  when Hydrogen Atoms coalesce into a hydrogen sun it has dynamic spin from the charge of the electrons which is most likely, or this spin might be generated from my Compression Universe Theory that does take the best of modern physics dark matter and energy, there’s something about that I do like.

Time and observation will reveal which force creates the dynamic spin resulting in energy being released in a Flat Universe Pattern.

To sum up this new simple Flat Universe Theory we can say, when a sun explodes the material is simply thrown out into a flat dispersion pattern from the dynamic spin of a sun caused either by electron charge or Dark Matter and Energy compressing this Universe. It will be found to be one or the other and Inflation Theory will collapse as Theory E is accepted by humanity.