Newton and Einstein Wrong



Modern Physics theory doesn’t work due to misconception about exactly what is gravity.

Modern physicists claim gravity is a weak force so weak that only a couple of very complicated machines on earth can even detect it, if they are even really detecting what gravity at all.

Newton had a few rules or laws about gravity and basically Einstein said Newton was wrong with GR.

To sum up Newton, Universal Gravity is basically all mass or particles attract. Well that is Wrong as I explained in a short paper on it that shows gas particles are not attracted to earths mass at all, they are trapped by the Ionosphere. See Newton Universal Gravity Law is WRONG.

Well, Newton didn’t understand atoms, the modern theory of atoms as particles although without electrons  was formed almost 100 years after Newton theorized Universal Gravity in the late 17th Century, and it wasn’t until modern times late 19th Century when the current atomic model was fully understood with electrons and that model is now subject to further revision due to sub-atomic particles and things like quarks and leptons etc.

The classical definition of an atom is almost 2500 years old and is from the laughing philosopher Democritus in ancient Greece who probably borrowed it from lost knowledge in Egypt or Babylon. The fact is all mass is illusion since 99.999% of mass doesn’t exist it’s empty space, mass as the human mind perceives it is just an emission of electric energy waves and radiation waves (light) that our optic nerves in our eyes perceives and then through electrical energy in our brains contemplates, it is all electromagnetic waves and radiation waves as to what all things or matter is. Tthat is why M(ass) =E(nergy) and E(nergy) = Everything is the core of Theory E, all things have an electromagnetic field that binds all atoms so energy or more precisely energy fields attract, not mass.

Now the  laws of attraction are balanced with laws to repel.

There’s a dual electromagnetic force in play creating what we perceive as gravity, one force attracts to create the orbit the other repels to keep it in orbit and not allow it to crash.

So dual magnetic forces create what we call gravity.

Two magnets only attract if their positive and negative charge or opposite fields of energy are facing each other, if we insert two magnets of say a 1 inch diameter into a clear tube slightly wider than 1 inch, we can observe the magnets through the tube. If they are inserted so the same type of charge is opposed to each other the top magnet will hover over the bottom magnet creating a space between the magnets, this is an repel field where similar fields repel each other. This is a simple test of anti-gravity as well.

If a third force which I call containment force which in this example is the tube and in nature could be dark matter or even dark energy, the tube can contain the magnets so the top one does not flip over to have it’s side that is opposite the bottom magnet attract it, so opposite magnetic fields attract, and that attraction is slightly stronger that the energy is to repel is, so we need the third element of the equation to show anti-attraction or anti-gravity as to what gravity really is and that third element is containment in this case the tube. Gravity has nothing to do with mass as the natural force of Gravity, mass just accommodates more mass to be attracted to it. What attracts everything is simply magnetic and electromagnetic fields and there is a containment force field at play if not several.

So Einstein made up a field or fabric called space/time which basically says mass can bend the natural field or fabric of the universe or space/time to warp so the earth follows a curve in space/time around the sun. So to sum up GR, instead of mass or particles attracts as Newton said, Einstein said Mass bends the void or fabric of space/time and creates a path that things follow around. Both Newton and Einstein incorrectly used Mass not fully understanding Mass is just Energy so Energy Fields attract and that is Gravity.

So now things like dark energy are being used to justify this Einstein concept of curvature in space/time a new ‘fabric’ of the void that is the vacuum of space. Well Dark Matter and Energy are in my theory containment forces that keep what we can observe in this 3D environment contained so the 3D fields follow laws relevant to 3D space.

So mankind has yet to fully understand electromagnetic fields that binds atoms together and creates ‘spin’ and that force is why Venus and Uranus are the only known planets that have a spin opposite of the other known planets in our solar system. The base magnetic force of Venus and Uranus is opposite of what the other planets have and it is this force that gives planets the direction of their spin. Suns create an energy force field around them that do indeed attract objects such as planets and moons and asteroids, but it is the electromagnetic force of the sun that attracts, so that is the key force it is not just mass. Although mass is relevant to the size of the sun attraction force, it is not bending any fabric in space/time as Einstein theorized, the force is an electromagnetic force that attracts and creates elliptical orbits as observed all over the Universe. It is this natural elliptical force I call EOE Theory that suns create upon objects that orbit them that allows life to form almost everywhere in the Universe that there is an active core on the orbiting body producing deep object heat that when mixed with many types of liquids brings forth simple molecular life forms.

Now that I have explained why it is not gravity that attracts gas particles to our planets atmosphere, I will explain what keeps the earths’ atmosphere in a stable condition to hold oxygen and other gases within the closed environment or biosphere that is earth?

It is the Ionosphere that is an electromagnetic field that repels the vaccum of space and yet contains other atoms such as oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen to form the earths’ atmosphere.

Now Mars at one time was most probably like Earth as we can now view on its surface ancient dry ocean and river beds on Mars similar to our own planet indicating that at one time Mars had a atmosphere with lots of free flowing oceans and rivers that have now all disappeared.

Well, when the magnetic core of Mars weakened so the magnetic force became too weak to create a strong Ionosphere to hold an atmosphere that would allow water to form in oceans and evaporate into its’ atmosphere to recycle as rain to collect in lakes and form rivers etc, the ancient Martian atmosphere once  rich in gases like earths’ simply bled off into the vacuum of space.

So forget about terraforming Mars, it’s magnetic core has been depleted too far to contain a closed surface life biosphere environment such as Earths that could manifest into an atmosphere filled with oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen and a planet filled with oceans of water and lakes and rivers again.

Humans are creatures of perception, if I place an empty glass on a table humans who have seen a glass know it can contain water, juice or other liquids like milk so they perceive the utility of what we call a glass which is created through a process of turning sand through thermodynamics into what we perceive to be a canister to hold liquids.

If I give a human a new bottle of water that is filled, they say oh, it’s a ‘bottle’ of water they perceive as a natural state of being filled. Just like if a human sees me pour water into an empty glass they will say if I stop halfway filling it that the glass is half filled.

The reason is they observed me filling the empty glass to a half filled state. Now some backwards minds for the sake of argument might say after seeing me fill a glass halfway that the glass is half empty, but observing the action of filling the glass leads most if not all humans to say upon half filling a glass that the glass is now a glass half filled and not half empty.

So previous observation of the natural state of the glass to not contain liquids leads a human who witnesses the glass being filled from nothing to say upon being half filled by an outside force me filling the glass that a glass filled by me halfway becomes a glass half filled.

Now if I take a filled glass full of water and place it on a table the human will perceive the glass with water as a glass of water, they don’t perceive it as a glass filled with water. They say a glass of water or milk or whatever.

Now if I take the filled glass of any liquid on the table and drink half of it in front of a human, the human mind will perceive the glass as now being half empty, since they observed me removing half of the liquid in the glass, only a human who wants to argue will observe the glass as being half filled when they see another human remove half of it’s content.

So reality is shaped by perception and observation to consider a natural state of the glass that leads to the glass is half empty after witnessing the glass being emptied by a 3rd party me.

Physics is now perceiving the universe as infinite and yet they claim it began at a certain fixed time, well time is illusion, we measure time based on one thing, that thing is movement relative to things within our ability to observe. Mans concept of time has been limited to the earths spin being a constant we have divided into time of 60 seconds, then 60 minutes and then 24 hours. Likewise we also measure time based upon the movement of earth around the sun, so a revolution of 365.25 spins or rotations or days the earth will make a complete rotation of the sun in one earth year. Such numbers would be unknown to another intelligent life form in the Universe that began their species journey to self realization on a planet in which their day might be a fraction or many times what our day is, and their annual orbit around their sun might be vastly different than our own, so numbers such as speed of light etc., are meaning less in a Universe filled with many intelligent life forms that all have their own perception of the speed of light relative to their own dynamics of the solar system that brought them forth as a species to even ponder such a question.

So mans biased perception of the natural world or environment in which he has developed is what creates laws of physics as perceived from the human observation and since mankind was not at the beginning of this universe, man cannot perceive the natural state of the Universe before protons and electrons started to bind and form the first element of hydrogen the most abundant element in the physical universe we can observe.  Was the Universe a void with nothing in it, or has it always existed with basic elements in it such as protons and electrons or perhaps the primal state of the Universe was just energy that through an unknown process was able to create the first proton and then from it’s natural state of electrons able to create protons it was able to scale into what we observe and perceive as our natural Universe.

Or was the Universe created inside a finite void that then had basic elements pumped into it to create all the closed units we can now perceive such as galaxies and planets and closed systems of suns with planets that many will have similar closed environments on to hold an atmosphere and life as we understand it.

I would argue the natural state of the Universe was just the vastness of a void filled with energy in the form of electrons. Then electrons were able to create a proton perhaps just by parts of the electrons filling the electron void touching each other in such a way, a reaction manifested and the first protons came into existence in the great void which is the Universe.

Before big bang theory arose, the natural state of humanity was to perceive a creator force everywhere.

When we come across an unknown tribe of humans, it is the natural state of all humans to be animists, they equate all natural phenomena with the spirit of what they see, so spirit of water, spirit of the sun, spirit of the moon, spirit of the earth, spirit of the animals the encounter. This eventually leads to theism or the formation of gods that often funnel down into a creative force of everything that becomes god.

Now god has been removed from the mystery of the Universe by the big bang saying everything can exist from one event when everything came to be from the big nothing, so humans today have a new god, the big bang, and it is well just wrong.

How can nothing create something?

There is always something and that is why I say before protons there was something, energy or electrons which should be able to create protons and then with electrons and protons we can scale it up into everything.

Now if electrons cannot through some unknown process self create protons to begin the chain of reactions that manifest into abundant hydrogen formation across the void, then the void may indeed be like a glass, a container holding energy or electrons and over the course of movement of electrons interacting with the container restraining the Universe that interaction might have caused the decay of dark matter or even energy interacting with basic electrons and that interaction created the first protons.

You cannot have protons without electromagnetic force to hold the proton together, and once we have protons and electrons then anything can be created through movement of particles or what humans perceive to be time.

So now we have a mess, one hundred years of humanity being taught something comes from nothing and the nothing was a big bang and even though the Universe contradicts all aspects of an explosion such as a big bang, humans still have the need to have something begin everything, we used to call the great nothing God, today we call it big bang.

When nothing creates, that nothing is a creator and a creator is in essence God.

I don’t see an easy way to turn 100 years of ignorance which the big bang is since observation makes the big bang look retarded.

Well nothing or god or the universe decided to explode into everything.

Think of the Universe as a bottle, and it is turned on it’s side, and water is dripped into a hole on it’s top side and the water accumulates on the bottom side, when the bottle is 5% filled it would look like the Universe and Galaxies, wide flat areas of an ocean of water or space.

Now the water can congeal and form say cells in the water, and these cells resemble galaxies.

Croce wrote a great song, if I could spend time in a bottle, the first thing that I would do…

He may have had a lot of physics training to come up with that concept.

His song may have been his own understanding of the Universe.