Spiral Orbits Helix Orbits Helical Orbits


Note by Dr. Sol Adoni

The 3D images in this video does not show the 27o arch the lunar moon monthly spiral makes since the orbit of the moon and also earth have arcs related to their orbit. The image also does not show the spirals path as affected by the great spiral the milky way also imposes on all objects within it since the milky way is also traveling 1.3 Million MPH. The actual pattern to show all the motions of any object showing all known orbital paths is in my opinion impossible to create using the limitations of 3D modeling programs we now have. But my 3D images are a great improvement on the old heliocentric orbits everyone is taught. While some might say it’s understood, it is not, there are at least 4 orbital movements in the moons orbit, it’s helix or spiral around a moving earth, which is inside another helix of the earth around the sun which is inside the suns great helix around the milky way and the milky way is also inside another helix due to the movement of the milky way.

The next information is from my January 1st 2008 Paper released and time stamped to Usenet discussing the Spiral Universe Theory.


Theoretical Parallelism (The Spiral Universe (DNA) Theory)

Can two lines ever be perfectly parallel?

Theoretically, absolute parallelism could occur, but it can not be
done relatively with matter.  No matter how "man" attempts to create
two perfectly "parallel" lines, using precise measurements, it is an
impossible feat to do in a "material" world.

An example.  Try to draw with any "man made" device two perfectly
parallel lines.  Let's use a relatively "small" distance between the
lines of ONE inch.

Using the most exact measuring devices, you'll find the distance
between the lines to not be "exactly" one inch or 1.00000 inches apart
at both ends!

So, these "theoretical" parallel lines must eventually collide in a
"relative" world.

Theoretically, we could say the lines are perfectly parallel, hence
"theoretical parallelism".  But in reality, they are "relatively

I use this "theory" to analyze the "theory" of the "Big Bang".

In 2002, I revealed PDF (Planetary Distance Formula).  A "proof"
showing the inner planets are "ratio aligned" very precisely to
earth's circumference, yearly orbit and distance to the sun.

This is absolute "Proof" of ID (Intelligent Design) to our solar
system.  So our solar system did not coalesce chaotically out of
primordial matter from a "Big Bang".  PDF proves it could not have
been a "Big Bang".

Modern scientific models of our "universe", explain an expansion
occuring where all matter left the same relative point of origin at
the same time, at the "speed of light".

So, our galaxy is on a "theoretical line of flight" from such a
proposed "Bang" or explosion.

If this is so, then other visible galaxies are all on "theoretical
lines of flight" from a common nexus or point of origin.

If there was a "Big Bang", we can now see "Proof" by measuring over
"decades" or longer periods of time, the movement of the center's of
such galaxies and compare them to measurements of other galaxies,
which should all be moving away from each other on lines of flight
pointing to a common nexus or collision point (i.e. the Big Bang).

If all the "lines of flight" from the origin are showing an expansion
in distance, then we would have an "expanding" Big Bang Universe,

If all the "lines of flight" from the origin are showing a decrease in
distance, then we would have a "collapsing" Big Bang Universe, PROVEN!

What I "theorize" is, we will find an almost even mix of expanding and
decreasing "lines of flight" of galatical movement.

Over long periods of time, these lines of galatical movement would
appear to reverse, due to my "theory" that the Universe is in
"reality" a Spiral shape similar to our own DNA Helix structure.

In other words, "Galaxies" are spiraling up and down a strand of DNA
instead of all expanding and collapsing from a common point of origin
or a nexus.

The whole "theory" of black holes may be wrong as well as the Big Bang
theory is, since such a theory was needed to explain galatical
movement away from a theoretical nexus of a Big Bang!

Galaxies thought to be collapsing into nothingness, due to going
against the proposed "line of flight" in a Big Bang, are correctly
understood in a spiral DNA like strand "Universe".  In a spiral
Universe, Galaxies do not all move away or toward other galaxies!

On a "theoretical level", the Universe or "GOD" (i.e. Creator) would
be the mother DNA Helix of our Universe.  All life would "mirror" that
"intelligence" (structure), by itself being a DNA sequence!

To create a "simple model" of this concept, put ten or so people in
the center of a room, all with their backs to the "center".  Then have
everyone pace 10 steps, or better yet, move exactly thirty feet away
from center on a straight line.  Point A is the nexus where everyone
"began".  We now have 10 points away from the center.  Now move each
point (person) three feet further away, all the lines move precisely
away from the nexus.  The distance between each point is increasing.
A perfectly expanding "Big Bang" Universe model!

There's no need for black holes to explain why some points did not
move away from the nexus relative to the other points.  They all moved
correctly away from the nexus!

If you move each point backwards the same distance, you have a model
of the "collapsing" Big Bang Universe!

Now imagine a spiral staircase, the same ten people.  All moving at
the same speed and distance up and down the staircase.

That would be "similar" to a spiral Universe in which galaxies travel
in a "spiral" motion.  Along a DNA strand like path!  There is no
uniform movement in one direction in this model!  This is how our
Universe moves!

A "Spiral" Universe can be "proven" by simple observation of the paths
of many galaxies.

Uniform movement away from a nexus is Proof of an expanding "Big Bang"

Uniform movement towards a nexus is Proof of a collapsing "Big Bang"

A fraction of a percentage of "radical" galaxies in either of these
models would indicate "Black Holes" are correctly "theorized".

The third possible finding is my proposed DNA Spiral Universe.
Finding large numbers of galaxies with "radical movement" means THERE
WAS NO BIG BANG!  Our Universe is moving in a spiral helix, structured
like our understanding of a DNA strand!

In such a spiral Universe, theoretically, all galaxies would
eventually occupy our current galatical space.  When an intelligence
can manipulate "TIME", such an intelligence could step literally into
the other side of the Universe by merely traveling through a portal
into a point in time when that galaxy was in our current sector of the
Universal Helix!  Intergalatical space travel would be merely TIME
TRAVEL!  Unless, our Universe is moving itself in another dimension...

Written by Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni on the 1st Day of the 1st
Month of the year 2008 C.E., exactly 13 years from my revealing
"TPOC" (The Point of Creation).

The 23rd Day of the 10th Month of the year 5768.  (Kaph-Gimel-Theth-