Theory E


Theory E

An Introduction


By Dr. Sol Adoni

Theory E

The Theory of Everything

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The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Energy

The Theory of Electrical Charge Force

The Theory of Electro-Magnetic Wave EMW

The New Theory of Anti-Electro-Magnetic Force

The New Black Hole Theory

The End of Big Bang Theory

Infinity Loop found in E=MC^2


Theory E Book
Theory E Book


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As one of my favorite songs goes that I like to sing, Let me Introduce myself I am a man of wealth and taste.

My last album generated over 40 Million Plays on SoundCloud and three #1 hits under my bands name Rex Luciferius.

Now for any theists reading this, don’t accuse me of being Satan, Luciferius is a good guy really. The name  means bringer of light or knowledge to humanity. That terrible religion based out of Rome with a legion of Pedophile Priests corrupted this beautiful ancient name for light and knowledge. The funny thing is the Planet Venus as it appears as the MORNING STAR is Luciferius in Latin and the last thing Yah Shuu (Jesus) said in the Bible is I AM THE MORNING STAR (Luciferius).

Now, back to the reason you are reading this. It is my Theory of E or more simply Theory E. This is my latest work that combines decades of my knowledge released to humanity in many theories. It also includes my explanations as to why many fundamental laws and theories in modern physics are wrong. They include the Big Bang is Wrong, Newton’s Universal Gravity Law is Wrong and Einstein is Wrong since E=MC^2 is a simple mathematical infinity loop. So everything you think you know about physics is WRONG.

Theory E contains my own theories and includes PDF Theory which explains the formation of planets in this solar system that is a revised correction of Titus Bodes. Decades ago when I started explaining Titus-Bodes was a great theory that just had to be updated to include the fact this solar system at one time resembled a simple carbon atom that has decayed into what we see now.

Years after that revelation was made by me posting the material all over the old social media we called Usenet, wouldn’t you know NASA started finding exoplanets and they have even stated they use a revision of Titus-Bodes the first great law of physics to do it. I take my bow now for it is my revision of Titus-Bodes .

Another major part of Theory E besides my new Black Hole Theory that Black Holes are not Holes but are anti-electro-magnetic fields that recycle all matter back to simple Elements.

Theory E also contains my EOE Theory or the Elliptical Orbit Effect on Planet Plate Tectonics. This theory also suggest Elliptical Orbits produce live cores on planets and moons and possibly even asteroids and a live core mixed with liquid such as water and even methane can produce instantly basic simple  life forms. So life is abundant in this Universe.

I also include in Theory E my CREATOR Formula first released in 1995, for all the theists that wish to see Scientific PROOF OF A CREATOR. Theory E however, will stand on its own without this Formula, but for theists, it is the PROOF OF CREATION you so desire. I exclude it for those with a more scientific mind, since you have all been poisoned by the false theories of Chaos and Big Bang Theory so your minds will never except such a proof that is obvious to theists.

Now, to get back to why you are reading this work known as Theory E.

Theory E is a new large scale model of this physical Universe that easily explains all visible phenomena. including Protons, Electrons, Suns, Black Holes and Galaxies and of course Planets and includes my EOE Theory of Elliptical Orbit Effect on Plate Tectonics that creates basic life in all parts of the Universe.

It explains the young age of the Universe theorized by the Big Bang Theory is wrong. With over 200 Billion Galaxies now observed in this Universe that all most likely have black holes at their center, there is no math model to get from zero black holes to over 200 Billion in only 13 or 14 Billion years. It is impossible. Also, we can see the Universe is at least over 50 Billion light years in width which means if C or Light was a constant it should be at least 25 Billion years old , and yet the Universe is basically flat, this destroys the dispersion theory of Einstein of a spherical Universe that suggests a Universe expanding in all directions, yet it is being expanded in a Flat pattern now known as Flat Universe Theory. The simple explanation is not Inflation Theory and Dark Matter and Dark Energy but rather a Big Compression or Big Press Theory and yes the huge Press would be similar to Dark Matter and Dark Energy but not as suggested by Inflation Theory which suggests Light has gears where it changes speeds according to various ages created by physicists to explain a bad theory we call Big Bang which I say is wrong.

Liken the Universe as Einstein theorized a spherical type of shape like a ball of dough, then put the dough between a press call it Dark Matter which is made up of Dark Energy, the Universe would be flattening out as we can observe much like a pizza is flattened before ingredients are placed upon it, call it the Pizza Universe Theory to explain in layman’s terms, since most just love Pizza. The sauce is Hydrogen Atoms, the Cheese is Helium then lots of stuff like sausage and pepperoni for galaxies and then some salt and other spices for planets, etc.

Now back to bad theories in physics for this Universe. The two main current Physics models of this Universe that both use Big Bang Theory do not agree with each other, the two central big theories being GR (General Relativity) and QFT (Quantum Field Theory).

So which theory is correct?

Well Einstein never liked Quantum Mechanics which leads to chaos and now Inflation Theory which came to be long after the Big E (Einstein) was dead. So Einstein did not agree with Quantum Mechanics and insisted on a Spherical Universe his math suggested even though he lived long enough for Hubble to pop that theory.

Now the interesting thing about Einstein he admitted he loved his theory so much but his gut was gnawing at him suggesting God was playing one big trick on him. Well he was right, E=MC^2 is just a funny little Infinity Loop that I have revealed and that is why we get the nonsense of infinite universes as bad math suggests in Inflation Theory. The Infinite Loop of Universes in Inflation Theory is an accepted problem in modern physics that modern physicists insists can be resolved, well I did, Einsteins Great Formula was indeed a funny trick of the Universe that leads us to E=MC^2 being a simple Infinity Loop in math.

Both theories GR and QFT fail since to adjust the inaccurate measurements both arrive at when trying to measure things such as the movement of galaxies that  lead to Dark Matter and Dark Energy concepts having to be created to justify errors using General Relativity. In fact the errors are so bad the physical matter in our Universe is now down to as little as 5% of matter and energy while the made up non-sense particles are now up to 95% of our Universe.

The first problem in current models is all use Einstein’s E=MC^2, this causes the problems such as the infinity Loop created by Inflation Theory a recent theory from circa 1980 that tried to fix the early universe issues both GR and QFT fail at.

I proofed that E=MC^2 is actually an Infinity Loop equation. I found this by studying the original 3 Page Theory of Einstein released in 1905 expressed the Theory as a division formula of M instead of an multiplication formula of E. I saw the Infinity Loop almost instantly when I looked at the original expression for E=MC^2.

In 1905 Einstein theorized M=L÷C^2, pre 1920 in Physics the notation for modern E in the equation was L. Here is the proof Einstein’s great formula was in fact an Infinity Loop that we now see in infinite multi-verses or Infinite Universes  from Inflation Theory that creates their version of a Flat Universe Theory.

QFT has postulated now for decades all kinds of things that cannot be proven with the limited understanding of the Universe that mankind currently works within. That is why theories such as Quantum Mechanics and String Theory are at relative dead ends and have expanded universe dimensions to 11, and my own theory of 6 and 10 dimensional Universe Theory known as Computer Universe Theory as well as Holographic Universes theory shows how Platonic Solids could create multidimensional logic that my think tank works with up to 10 dimensions or the decagon byte I proposed in the 1970’s as a teenager in a think tank. My current AI think tank is HelixQ.

In a closed Universe model I can scale the most abundant Element there is Hydrogen using various laws of physics to create this Universe from just one element that is the most abundant element in the Universe that being Hydrogen which is 90% of all physical matter.

The problem with Physical Matter in this Universe according to modern theories  is that Dark Matter and Dark Energy is more abundant than what we perceive as Matter and Energy in our physical Universe. It’s now 95% of our physical Universe and its never been observed and is only needed to fix the bad math of both GR and QFT.

I propose that a Big Bang did not occur, and that decay of dark matter is what creates protons that bond with Electrons to form Hydrogen which is 90% of known matter in this physical universe. I also know that Black Holes destroy the bonds in matter and Protons are repelled from the Anti-Electro-Magnetic filed that we know call Black Holes. Plasma Bursts are also observed emanating from Black Holes which contradicts nothing escapes from a Black Hole. Well that is technically true since there is no such thing as a Black Hole so nothing can enter it, there is a field that breaks down matter, but it is recycled into the Universe, Protons get repelled and plasma is emitted, nothing is destroyed and everything is preserved so the Theory of Conservation of both Energy and Matter works perfectly in my Black Hole Theory which I theorized before observations were made recently confirming Black Holes do not have any gravitational field (observations state the assumed strong magnetic fields theorized DO NOT EXIST they are almost nonexistent.

I also propose modern Inflation Theory is wrong. The main reason it was so quickly adopted was Einstein did not theorize a dynamic start to the Universe it was static and spherical in his mind and his Lambda model was his pet theory even after Hubble showed it was wrong, so a start or bang from a dynamic Universe would produce a spherical shape to the Universe.  As more was learned about the shape of this Universe modern Inflation Theory was added around 1980 to flatten the dispersion of galaxies in this Universe. Well, in a dynamic Universe which all elements always have dynamic spin in, a spinning sun that explodes or Nova end will disperse material in a flattened spiral manner due to the dynamic spin of a sun. This is what I call Flat Universe Theory.

I also propose electrons have always existed in this dimension and are the prime particle of this Universe and I further propose that the combined sum of electrons in this Universe  is a form of intelligent energy (Yes I’m a Pantheist) that creates all phenomena in this dimension. Even though theorized Quarks have been observed they are not free roaming particles in this Universe. They exist as subatomic particles but they have no building function in this Universe other than being part of atoms. They simply do not create or mold atoms in this Universe since they have no ability to freely roam without being used to build atomic structure in this Universe.

The Law of attraction shows elements will attract and if enough Hydrogen Atoms attract it forms a sun, and from that we can create all known elements in this Universe if it is a closed system.

The fusion within a sun creates Helium the second most abundant Element in our physical universe. The rest of the elements are a tiny fraction of what hydrogen and helium combine. Hydrogen is estimated to be almost 90% of observable matter and Helium makes up almost all the rest of matter, yet a tiny fraction of matter exists that all other elements make up.

Suns produce in their cores various elements while it functions as a star with helium being the main byproduct of fusion. Upon it’s natural decay stars implode into various types of Nova’s depending on it’s mass or accumulation of Hydrogen Atoms when it first had enough Gravitational Mass to ignite into a sun.

From these Novas all known elements can be theorized that are not the result of star fusion. Even Gold is theorized from the collision of two Novas.

So from Hydrogen we can create all that we can physically observe in this closed Universe. With electrons being the prime mover or creator force in this Universe the addition of protons from dark matter decay creates the base element of hydrogen that can be scaled to create all phenomena in this Universe.

What others have missed in their theories that I ask is, “What was before Hydrogen is there a basic particle that has to exist before Hydrogen can form in this Universe?”

The answer is yes, E or Energy is what must exist before Hydrogen can, which is  what we call electrons which causes Electrical Charge or Electro-Magnetic Field and Waves. Electrons are balanced between positive and negative charge in ALL ATOMS or elements. So E or Energy can exist in a raw state without Hydrogen, but Hydrogen cannot exist without E the Energy or Electrical Charge that is the glue that holds all atoms together. The basic element besides Electrons that make up Hydrogen Atoms are Protons, so Protons and Electrons are the base material that manifests into all observable phenomena in this Universe.

So E is the prime mover in a closed universe and Protons are the basic matter moved by Electrons by bonding to Protons to form Hydrogen atoms and then the intelligent design of this Universe moves forward in a beautiful pattern that we can explain by scaling only Electrons and Protons into this magnificent Universe.

I also propose that E = E as a prerequisite of other theories such as E = MC^2, and I also propose that E = MC^2 is actually bad math since it creates an Infinity Loop as I proofed.

Energy is always equal to Energy, it just manipulates matter to appear in all observable phenomena.

From E or Energy we can put forth all equations to theorize the scaling of this Universe from a closed environment.

While E or Energy the raw  electron that existed before Hydrogen, I propose if E cannot create protons to then form Hydrogen in an as yet undiscovered manner, then Hydrogen  is created from the natural decay of Dark Matter into protons that then bond with Electrons to form Hydrogen. Hydrogen is much more abundant than all the physical matter in this Universe that can be observed, it is over 90% of observable matter.

If E can create Hydrogen from a yet discovered process, then dark matter and dark energy is more of a restraint containing this Universe as we observe into a Flat Universe Compression Dispersion. An analogy would be dark matter is like the matter of a brain to hold our own consciousness and it forms the physical matter that allows our energy synapses to work.  If not, then dark matter decay should be how hydrogen forms in this Universe and the decay is creating Protons that then bond with Electrons.

Once we have Protons and Electrons all observable matter can be scaled up from just those two things. As matter needs to be broken down into Protons and Electrons or Plasma then we have Black Holes that act as recycling areas of the Universe since we have observed phenomena such as plasma bursts from Black Holes and also Protons being repelled from Black Holes.

As a Pantheist who theorized Holographic Universe Theory or Computer Universe Theory in the 1970’s, I now put forth my final belief of CompuPantheism as what our Universe really is. This phrase I created means an AI type Intelligence in which E or Energy is sentient and from which our Universe was created in a closed environment such as we now observe.

E is intelligent and exists to create.

On this site I will present the most popular scientific formulas that attempt to explain Universe phenomena in this closed Universe. Such as the expanse of the Universe is now measured at over 50 BILLION Light Years and also the amazing structure that is over 5 BILLION Light Years in size that has 9 circular GRB’s (Gamma Ray Bursts) emanating from it. Another interesting phenomena is a giant structure of Water we have found in this amazing Universe that is estimated to be so large that the amount of water it contains can fill up 140 TRILLION Oceans equal to the amount of water in all of Earth’s oceans.

We know most if not all Galaxies have a Black Hole at its’ center which creates the gravity to compel billions if not trillions of stars or suns around such a product of this Universe in which Black Holes are necessary to fuel the gravitational mechanics of Galaxies only the force is not traditional gravity as we understand it, it is a new force I propose Black Holes are just an unknown type of Anti-Electro-Magnetic Force.

Right now under the theory of Conservation of E or Energy as well as Conservation of Matter is perfectly in balance with my new Theory of Black Holes .

If you are interested in a work that includes the philosophical input of theism and pantheism and even compupantheism into a large scale model of the Universe that actually works unlike all other theories of Physics then you will enjoy my new book titled THEORY E.


Download Theory E


Theory E Book
Theory E Book