69 Degree Tilt of Solar Plane



Modern science has no explanation or theory for why the Solar Plane is tilted 69 degrees. Old science data suggested it was a 60 Degree tilt.

Theory E suggests gravity is really a form of an electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field that attracts objects to the sun in our Solar System provides a protective bubble around our Solar System as it journeys connected to the Suns strong electromagnetic field at 515,000 MPH.

The strong force of this field aligns the objects into a small plane.

The tilt is 69 degrees because it acts as a windshield to protect the objects within our Solar System, this is similar to the tilt we use to pierce the Earth’s Ionosphere with rockets. So the angled tilt of the Solar Plane allows the Solar System to drive though the Milky Way on an angle protecting the objects within the electromagnetic fields protective bubble.

Theory E explains the placement of planets within our Solar System using PDF Theory a major part of Theory E.