Anti Electromagnetic Propulsion System for Space Travel

By Dr. Sol Adoni

The future of space travel will use an AEM Drive or an anti-electro-magnetic drive.
An anti-electro-magnetic field drive will disconnect a space ship from the 1K MPH rotational spin of earth and the 67K MPH movement of earth around the sun and the 510K MPH movement of the sun around the Milky Way.
When the ship is not part of the electro-magnetic field of both the earth and the sun, these objects will move away from the ship at 67K MPH for the earth and 510K MPH for the sun..
It could also be possible that an anti-electromagnetic field even disconnects the ship from the 1.3 Million MPH movement of the Milky Way. That would mean the ship could travel to the moon a trip that is roughly 250K miles in less than 15 minutes.
So by creating a bubble for the ship in which all electro-magnetic fields have no effect for even a short time allows the ship to move at super fast speeds with no energy output for it’s speed other than the energy it takes to create the temporary anti-electromagnetic bubble to ignore the normal effect the earth, sun and galaxy have on all things at all times.
The ship doesn’t move, everything else moves at their normal pace creating a free energy for space travel.
It appears that Nikola Tesla the great genius  also imagined an AEM propulsion system before he died and simply called it a ‘space drive’ system.