Mass of Moon Proves Einstein and Newton Wrong

Mass is not the Key to Gravity

Mass is not the key to gravity and the moon is proof.
The moon is approximately 27% of the size of earth and only 1.2% of its mass and yet the moons gravity is around 16% as strong as earth’s gravity. So the gravitational force ratio of the moon to Earth is closer to the size ratio than the mass ratio of the Earth to moon.
Simple observable PROOF that mass is not the key to gravity. If it was, then the gravity of the moon would be ten times weaker than what it is due to the mass of the moon.
Theory E says Gravity is a form of an EM (Electromagnetic) field.
If Newton’s Universal Law was correct, there would be no atmosphere on Earth since the tiny mass of gas atoms would be overwhelmed by the huge mass of earth. Instead tiny gas atoms are repelled away from Earth and our atmosphere only exists due Earth having a live core that spins and creates our strong Ionosphere that traps all gases except for the smallest which is hydrogen that leaks through the atmosphere over time. So while hydrogen is being replenished on Earth through our biosphere of life, the escape through the Ionosphere is smaller than the production rate of hydrogen from naturally occurring life processes on Earth.
While science today does understand our Ionosphere to a great degree, it has yet to discover the real nature of gravity. Einstein and Newton are both wrong, and as Tesla theorized gravity is a form of electromagnetic attraction between objects. This field attracts solids to earth yet it has no effect on gases. So an undiscovered EM Field is actually what attracts solid objects to Earth. The moon has a similar type of field that keeps the moon in orbit around the Earth, think of two magnets in a clear tube, When the same type of field of the magnets are facing each other the top magnet hovers over the bottom magnet. This force is literally why the moon does not fall onto the earth, it is being repelled by the same type of force the earth has to attract solids.